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What this was all about...

In 2011, I am starting an exploration of unknown noises, circuit bending, and making electronic noise boxes. As is startedI had no electronics knowledge or expertise

The first project was notionally monthly, where I set out to complete 12 projects in a year. where each project would have be like a school science experiment, detailing:

- a Project about what I build;
- Notes about what I find out in the course of each month;
- Resultswith recordings, photographs and films underscoring what I do with the new thing I've made.

Since 2011 started me off, I went deeper into DIY, and have built both Serge Modular and Buchla systems. These have been increasingly more fun... I haven't written these works up, but I have documented them on Instagram quite extensively.

When not soldering, I take pictures with old cameras (1/2), run a little record label (4), occasionally make films (5), and dream about ukuleles.

I live in Brighton these days, and I'm old enough to know better.