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Music from Outer Space - Ray was a legend, and his Weird Sound Generator was got me inspired to start trying to make electronic noise boxes. Died tragically young, but left an amazing and inspirational legacy.

Bugbrand - My first noise box was a Bugbrand Weevil '08, so Tom has a lot to answer for...! Beautiful thing. Really helpful and generous with daft questions from novices too.

Loudest Warning - bit of god when it comes to application of the 4u standard, making great use of Serge, Haible and other designs in both 'traditional' and modern styles.

Nic Collins / Handmade Electronic Music - My bible - an amazing book, easy to read, and my first experiments from it have been almost successful.

The S0und 0f L0g1c - Take off in hundreds of weird and wonderful ways from the Nic Collins Book - enthused, creative characters, with lots of CMOS based noise circuits. I'll be back there a lot.

Dirty Electronics - beautiful artworks making noise. will be having a crack at these. particularly in love with the skull postcard


Thonk- incredible range of DIY synth PCBs, kits and panels, predominately for Eurorack modules, but also stocks a great range of knobs and other useful bits and bobs

Bitsbox - excellent, friendly, fast UK supplier of components and electronics kit. highly recommended.

Rapid Online - used for first enclosures, LEDS and lenses, hook up wire, tools... great range, tho postage expensive on small orders.

Downstroke Music- Brilliant for groovy knobs.